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Hello my name is Kevin, and I've heard that millions of people are using online dating services to find dates, friends, lovers, wifes, husbands, whatever a person desires there are more than likely hundreds of sites for any persons taste or wishes. I've decided to create a number of blogs to assist individuals as they participate in the dating game. I have tried many dating sites, chat rooms looking for dates, so I know how it goes. So here's a little help to all the singles out there.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

LifeKnot Brings Online Dating and Social Networking to Cell Phones., a novel site that has features in common with social networking and online dating web sites, has launched a mobile version of its web site. lifeknot's mobile site enables members to use their cell phones as a digital ice-breaking device -- as well as to search and view member profiles and pictures from their cell phones. Enter the usernames of two lifeknot members into a cell phone to see a list of shared activity interests, bands, books, movies and tv shows. Scrolling down through a list of shared interests gives you an immediate indication of your compatibility and some great talking points that will help break the ice. What makes this comparison so interesting is lifeknot's extensive member-suggested activity listings. From the usual (hiking, biking, camping, and cooking) to the unique (beekeeping, home brewing, longboarding, and belly dancing) members are certain to share some of the 1,100 and growing activities listed.....


The Dating Scene: A Primer!

If we are going to be out on the scene mixing and mingling, we may as well be equipped with handy essentials that could improve our chances of actually attracting dates. Everyone likes to say, “Just be yourself". Ok..what happens if your natural self is prone to fumbles, clumsiness, or stumbling? Working on your confidence can really make a difference, so a little research can go a long way.
Attraction is a tricky thing because many of us have a broad range of what catches our eye. Taking a page from's dating playbook: What are the best ways to approach, engage, make an impression, and ace the first date? What happens when you invite them to your crib for the first time?
That's a lot of stuff to cover, right? We may even have to revisit the Dating Scene Primers again next month! Alright, it's going down today - are you ready?
Approach Ladies, tell the guys the most effective approaches that have made you swoon, and what makes you want to punch them! Guys, tell the ladies what causes those double takes in a woman that approaches you or catches your eye.....